We offer peace of mind by eliminating the risk of HIPAA non-compliance.

When it comes to HIPAA compliance you have three options:
  • Do nothing and risk huge fines
  • Rely on your own compliance methods and hope for the best
  • Rely on the assurance provided by The HIPAA Consulting Group

A HIPAA data breach can result in costs and penalties exceeding $2,000,000. That’s a nightmare no one wants to deal with. The HIPAA Consulting Group offers a variety of plans to the Medical Professional Industry that will bring you into compliance – and help you stay compliant – as HIPAA laws are constantly being tweaked and refined. This leaves you free to build your practice and concentrate on your patient’s needs.

We’ll run a thorough security risk assessment, ask questions, conduct interviews and uncover all the hidden risks you may have. We’ll then offer you in-depth results and suggest the actions needed to deal with those risks, bringing you peace of mind about your HIPAA compliance.

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